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AIX Version 4.3 Understanding the Diagnostic Subsystem for AIX

Hardfile Packaging

This chapter contains information on how the various diagnostic files are packaged. These packages are used by the install process to load diagnostics on the hardfile.

Software Packages and Filesets

Diagnostics is packaged into separate software packages and filesets. The base diagnostics support is contained in package bos.diag. The individual device support is packaged in separate devices.[type].[deviceid] packages.

The bos.diag package is split into three distinct filesets:

bos.diag.rte Contains the Controller and other base diagnostic code.
bos.diag.util Contains the Service Aids and Tasks.
bos.diag.com Contains the diagnostic libraries, kernel extensions, and development header files.

The devices.[type].[deviceid] packages are split into various distinct filesets. type usually signifies a bus type, or device class of devices. deviceid usually signifies a unique identifier for the device. For example:

devices.mca.8d77.rte Contains the device driver and configuration methods for the Micro Channel 8-bit SCSI I/O Controller.
devices.mca.8d77.diag Contains the Diagnostic Application and default catalog file for the device.

These packages/filesets are normally installed to a hardfile with the installp command.

Directory Structure Organization

The following shows the directory structures used by the Diagnostic Subsystem. New files created for diagnostic purposes should follow the same convention.

Note: The translated diagnostic catalog files are in /usr/lib/nls/msg/[LANG] directories.

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