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AIX Version 4.3 Understanding the Diagnostic Subsystem for AIX

Automatic Error Log Analysis (DIAGELA)

Automatic Error Log Analysis (diagela) provides the capability to do error log analysis whenever a permanent hardware error is logged. Automatic Error Log Analysis is enabled by default on CHRP platforms, and disabled by default on all other platforms. Whenever a permanent hardware resource error is logged and the diagela program is enabled, the diagela program is invoked. The diagela program determines if the error should be analyzed by the diagnostics. If the error should be analyzed, a diagnostic application will be invoked and the error will be analyzed. No testing is done. If the diagnostics determines that the error requires a service action, it sends a message to the console and a mail message to all system groups. The message contains the SRN.

Running diagnostics in this mode is similar to using the diag -c -e -d "device" command.

Notification can also be customized by adding a stanza to the PDiagAtt object class. The following example illustrates how a customer's program can be invoked in place of the normal mail message:

	DType = ""
	DSClass = ""
	attribute = "diag_notify"
	value = "/usr/bin/customer_notify_program $1 $2 $3 $4"
	rep = "s"

Once the above stanza is added to the ODM data base, problems will be displayed on the system console and the program specified in the value field of the diag_notify pre-defined attribute will be invoked. The following keywords will be expanded automatically as arguments to the notify program:

$1 the keyword "diag_notify"
$2 the resource name that has the problem
$3 the Service Request Number
$4 the device type

To activate the Automatic Error Log Analysis feature, log in as root and type the following command:

/usr/lpp/diagnostics/bin/diagela ENABLE

To disable the Automatic Error Log Analysis feature, log in as root and type the following command:

/usr/lpp/diagnostics/bin/diagela DISABLE

In AIX Version 4 diagela can also be enabled and disabled using the Periodic Diagnostics Task.

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