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AIX Version 4.3 Understanding the Diagnostic Subsystem for AIX



Displays error messages.

Note: Diagnostic Applications (DAs) should not use this subroutine.


#include    <diag/diago.h>

long  diag_emsg ( fdes, setid, msgid [,val,... ] )
nl_catd fdes;
unsigned short setid;
unsigned short msgid;


The diag_emsg subroutine displays an error message. Normally used with service aids.


fdes Open catalog file descriptor returned from the diag_catopen() system call.
setid Set ID of the message in the catalog.
msgid Message ID of the message in the catalog that serves as the format string.
val Values that are optional and variable in number are inserted in the specified message according to the conventions assumed by the printf() subroutine in the standard I/O library. The format is specified by the message referenced by the catalog set and message ID.

Return Value

The diag_emsg subroutine returns one of the following values:

DIAG_ASL_OK Successful return.
DIAG_ASL_CANCEL Cancel key was entered.
DIAG_ASL_EXIT Exit key was entered.

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