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AIX Version 4.3 Understanding the Diagnostic Subsystem for AIX



Displays a menu and reads the user's response.


#include     <diag/diago.h>

long  diag_display ( mnum, fdes, msglist, proctype,
                     scrtype, menutype, menuinfo )
long mnum;
nl_catd fdes;
struct msglist msglist[ ];
long proctype;
long scrtype;
ASL_SCR_TYPE *menutype;
ASL_SCR_INFO *menuinfo;


The diag_display subroutine displays a menu that has multiple user selections and reads the user's response.


mnum Menu number that is displayed, right-justified, as a hex number at the top-right corner of the screen.
fdes Open catalog file descriptor returned from the diag_catopen system call.
msglist Array of set numbers and message IDs. The msglist parameter must be ended by a Null element.
proctype Specifies the type of operation to be performed. This parameter has the following values:
DIAG_MSGONLY The specified messages are retrieved from the catalog, but not displayed. The application writer should update the menuinfo parameter and restart the diag_display subroutine with the msglist parameter equal to Null.
DIAG_IO The list of messages specified by msglist or, if that is Null, those in the array menuinfo, are displayed in the format specified by the menutype parameter.
scrtype Specifies the type of screen to be displayed, where each type determines the format of the output and the active function keys for the user.
menutype Defined in the file /usr/include/asl.h. If this parameter is equal to Null, the default version is used. Otherwise, the application's version is used.
menuinfo Defined in the file /usr/include/asl.h. If this field is not equal to Null, it is initialized with the retrieved messages.

Return Value

The diag_display subroutine returns one of the following values:

DIAG_ASL_OK Successful return.
DIAG_ASL_ARGS1 Both the msglist and menuinfo parameters were Null.
DIAG_ASL_ARGS2 DIAG_MSGONLY option was specified, but no messages were named.
DIAG_MALLOCFAILED Memory allocation was unsuccessful.
DIAG_ASL_ENTER Enter Function key was entered.
DIAG_ASL_EXIT Exit Function key was entered.
DIAG_ASL_CANCEL Cancel Function key was entered.
DIAG_ASL_HELP Help Function key was entered.
DIAG_ASL_LIST List Function key was entered.
DIAG_ASL_COMMIT Commit Function key was entered.
DIAG_ASL_PRINT Print Function key was entered.

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