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AIX Version 4.3 Understanding the Diagnostic Subsystem for AIX



Obtains catalog messages from NLSPATH or default diagnostic catalog directory.


#include     <diag/diago.h>

char  *diag_cat_gets ( fdes, setid, msgid )
nl_catd fdes;
unsigned short setid;
unsigned short msgid;


The diag_cat_gets subroutine is used to get messages from a catalog file. It first searches the normal catalog directory as specified by the $LANG and $NLSPATH environment variables. If the set and message is not found, the function searches the default catalog directory.


fdes Open catalog file descriptor returned from the diag_catopen() system call.
setid Set ID of the message in the catalog.
msgid Message ID of the message in the catalog that serves as the format string.

Return Value

The diag_cat_gets subroutine returns a character pointer to the message string.

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