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AIX Version 4.3 Understanding the Diagnostic Subsystem for AIX



Creates a pop-up window with message text.


#include     <diag/diago.h>

long  diag_asl_msg ( fmt, [,  name, ... ] )
char *fmt;


The diag_asl_msg subroutine should only be used by service aids to display a pop-up window with informational text.


The parameters are similar to those of the standard I/O library subroutine printf().

Return Value

The following values are returned:

DIAG_ASL_CANCEL Cancel key was pressed.
DIAG_ASL_ENTER Enter key was pressed.
DIAG_ASL_HELP Help key was pressed.
DIAG_ASL_LIST List key was pressed.
DIAG_ASL_COMMAND Command key was pressed.
DIAG_ASL_COMMIT Commit key was pressed.

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