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AIX Version 4.3 Understanding the Diagnostic Subsystem for AIX

About This Guide

This publication describes the hardware diagnostic subsystem for the RS/6000 machines.

Who Should Use This Guide

The information in this publication is needed by developers of diagnostic applications, application test units, device-driver test units, the diagnostic controller, and the diagnostic user interface.

How to Use This Guide

This section describes the contents of this guide, the highlighting conventions, and related publications.

Overview of Contents

This guide contains the following chapters:


The following highlighting conventions are used in this guide:

Bold Identifies commands, subroutines, keywords, files, structures, directories, and other items whose names are predefined by the system.
italics Identifies parameters whose actual names or values are to be supplied by the user.
monospace Identifies examples of specific data values, examples of text similar to what you might see displayed, examples of portions of program code similar to what you might write as a programmer, messages from the system, or information you should actually type.

ISO 9000

ISO 9000 registered quality systems were used in the development and manufacturing of this product.

Related Publications

The following publications should be referenced if the diagnostic application is being developed on a 4.2 version of AIX.

Prerequisite Software for Diagnostics Version 4

IBM AIX Version 4.3 with bos.diag Package.

Ordering Publications

You can order publications from your sales representative or from your point of sale.

Use AIX and Related Products Documentation Overview for information on related publications and how to obtain them. The AIX and Related Products Documentation Overview is available:

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