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AIX Version 4.3 AIXwindows Programming Guide

Chapter 2. AIXwindows Window Manager Overview

Starting and Exiting X and the AIXwindows Window Manager

Because different computer systems have different ways of starting X and AIXwindows, you should consult with your system administrator to learn how to get started. Usually, X and MWM are started from a shell script that runs automatically when you log in. You may, however, find that you need to start X or MWM or both.

If you log in and find that your display is functioning as a single terminal, with no windows displayed, you can start X by issuing the following command:

% xinit

If this command does not start X, check with your system administrator to ensure that the X11 directory containing executable programs is in your search path. The appropriate path may differ from one system to another.

If you log in and find one or more windows without frames, you can start MWM with the following command:

% mwm &

Before entering this command, make sure that the pointer rests within a window that has a system prompt.

Press the Ctrl-Alt-Backspace key sequence to exit AIXwindows.

Note: Before exiting AIXwindows, the recommended procedure is to exit any application programs and stop any commands that may be running in terminal windows. This avoids the possible loss of data due to improperly stopping a program.

When you exit a program, the command-line prompt returns to the terminal window. However, if you started the program automatically or from a menu, exiting also removes the terminal window. Selecting the Close option from the window menu immediately stops any program running in the window. Interrupting a program like this may cause it to lose data. However, you can close the clock, the load histogram, or an "idle" terminal window (one showing a command-line prompt) with no ill effect.

Restoring Default Behavior

Because AIXwindows permits a great deal of customization both by programmers writing AIXwindows applications and by users, you may find that mouse buttons or other functions do not operate as you might expect from reading this documentation. You can reset your AIXwindows environment to the default behavior by pressing the following four keys simultaneously:


You can return to the customized behavior by pressing this key sequence again. If your system does not permit this combination of keystrokes, you can also restore default behavior from the default root menu.

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