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AIXLink/X.25 1.1 for AIX: Guide and Reference

Chapter 7. X.25 and SNA Networks

You can use an X.25 connection to connect a host machine to a (SNA) network and access a System/370 host.

This information is intended for system administrators responsible for:

SNA administrators should be familiar with an AIX node and operating procedures for the AIX operating system. Also, they should know the network to which the system is being connected and the general concepts of SNA. In addition, individuals assuming administrative responsibilities should know how to use the System Management Interface Tool (SMIT) . Some of the tasks related to system administration are:

The SNA Server/6000 product provides menu dialogs, commands, and procedures for system administration purposes.

The following sections contain detailed information about using an X.25 connection to connect a host machine to a System Network Architecture (SNA) network and access an S/390 host.

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