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AIXLink/X.25 1.1 for AIX: Guide and Reference

N_OK_ACK Primitive


Indicates the network provider received the previous user-originated primitive.


This primitive consists of one M_PCPROTO message block with the following structure:

typedef struct {
   ulong PRIM_type;
   ulong CORRECT_prim;
} N_ok_ack_t;


The N_OK_ACK primitive indicates to the application that the network provider received the previously submitted primitive. The N_OK_ACK does not indicate any network protocol action taken due to the issuance of the last primitive. The N_OK_ACK primitive can only be initiated as an acknowledgment for user-originated primitives that have no other means of confirmation. These primitives include the N_UNBIND_REQ, N_RESET_RES, N_CONN_RES, and N_DISCON_REQ primitives.


PRIM_type Specifies the N_OK_ACK primitive.
CORRECT_prim Identifies the successfully received primitive.

Implementation Specifics

The N_OK_ACK primitive is part of X.25 Licensed Program.

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