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AIXLink/X.25 1.1 for AIX: Guide and Reference

N_INFO_REQ Primitive


Requests network information from the network service (NS) provider.


This primitive consists of one M_PROTO message block with the following structure:

typedef struct { 
   ulong PRIM_type;
} N_info_req_t;


The N_INFO_REQ primitive requests the NS provider to return the values of all supported protocol parameters and the current state of the NS provider. The N_INFO_REQ primitive does not affect the state of the network. The information returned is detailed under the N_INFO_ACK primitive.


PRIM_type Indicates the N_INFO_REQ primitive.


The NS provider generates one of the following acknowledgments upon receipt of the primitive:

Successful The N_INFO_ACK primitive acknowledges the N_INFO_REQ primitive.
Unsuccessful There are no non-fatal errors associated with issuing this primitive.

Implementation Specifics

The N_INFO_REQ primitive is part of X.25 Licensed Program.

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