Third Edition (April 1996)

Trademarks and Acknowledgements

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Chapter 1. X.25 Network Communications Overview

Chapter 2. X.25 Licensed Program Functionality

Chapter 3. X.25 Migration

Chapter 4. X.25 Installation and Configuration

Chapter 5. Network Provider Interface Programming Reference

Chapter 6. Data Link Provider Interface Programming Reference

Chapter 7. X.25 and SNA Networks

Chapter 8. Packet Assembler/Disassembler (PAD)

Chapter 9. X.25 Simple Network Management Protocol

Chapter 10. Common Input/Output Emulation

Chapter 11. X.25 Power Management

Chapter 12. X.25 Problem Determination

Appendix A. X.25 Commands

Appendix B. COMIO Emulator

Appendix C. X.25 Cables and Connectors

Appendix D. CCITT Causes and Diagnositics
CCITT Clear and Reset Causes for X.25
Diagnostic Codes for X.25 and SNA Services
Diagnostic Codes Used by the xtalk Command

Appendix E. Supported Facilities for X.25 Communications

Appendix F. SNA Server Problem Determination

Appendix G. X.25 Virtual License Information

Appendix H. Using AIXLink/X.25 over the IBM 2-Port Multiprotocol Adapter