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AIXLink/X.25 1.1 for AIX: Guide and Reference

DL_RESET_REQ Primitive for X.25


Requests that the data link service (DLS) provider begin resynchronizing a data link connection.


This primitive consists of one M_PROTO message block with the following structure:

typedef struct {
   ulong dl_primitive;
} dl_reset_req_t;


The DL_RESET_REQ primitive requests that the DLS provider begin resynchronizing a data link connection.

Attention: Data in transit when the DL_RESET_REQ primitive is initiated may not be delivered.


dl_primitive Specifies the DL_RESET_REQ primitive.


Valid The message is valid in the DL_DATAXFER state.
New The resulting state is DL_USER_RESET_PENDING.


Successful There is no immediate response to the reset request. However, as resynchronization completes, the DL_RESET_CON primitive is sent to the initiating DLS user, resulting in the DL_DATAXFER state.
Unsuccessful The DL_ERROR_ACK primitive is returned, and the resulting state is unchanged.

Error Codes

DL_OUTSTATE    Indicates the primitive was issued from an invalid state.
DL_SYSERR Indicates a system error. The system error is specified in the DL_ERROR_ACK primitive.

Implementation Specifics

This primitive is part of X.25 Licensed Program.

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