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AIXLink/X.25 1.1 for AIX: Guide and Reference

DL_BIND_ACK Primitive for X.25


Reports the successful bind of a data link service access point (DLSAP) to a stream.


This primitive consists a message block with the following structure:

typedef struct {
   ulong dl_primitive;
   ulong dl_sap;
   ulong dl_addr_length;
   ulong dl_addr_offset;
   ulong dl_max_conind;
   ulong dl_xidtest_flg;
} dl_bind_ack_t;


The DL_BIND_ACK primitive reports the successful bind of an application to a stream and returns the bound DLSAP address to the DLS user. This primitive is generated in response to a DL_BIND_REQ primitive.


dl_primitive Specifies the DL_BIND_ACK primitive.
dl_sap Specifies the DLSAP address information associated with the bound DLSAP. It corresponds to the dl_sap parameter of the associated DL_BIND_REQ primitive, which contains all or part of the DLSAP address. For the portion of the DLSAP address specified in the DL_BIND_REQ primitive, this parameter contains the corresponding portion of the address for the bound DLSAP.
dl_addr_length For point to point addressing is not supported, so address length and offset are both set to 0.
dl_addr_offset Set to 0 on return.
dl_max_conind Set to 0 on return.
dl_xidtest_flg Set to 0 on return.

Implementation Specifics

The DL_BIND_ACK primitive is part of X.25 Licensed Program.

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