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AIX Version 4.3 Package Guide for LPP Installation

Ultimedia Services Product Information

Ultimedia Services provides basic enablement for audio and video media on AIX platforms. The product includes device support for the base audio capabilities of ISA bus machines, as well as Micro Channel-based audio, and Ultimedia Video I/O support on Micro Channel bus machines as well as Video Capture Adapter support on PCI-bus machines.

Package Names

UMS Ultimedia Services Program

Contains all the executables required to run Ultimedia Services and includes sample files and demo programs.

UMS.info.en_US Multimedia Database

Contains information on the Ultimedia Services product.

UMS.video_ext AIX Ultimedia Services Video Extensions

Contains the UMS X server video extensions. This package contains one fileset, UMS.video_ext.

UMS.loc Ultimedia Services Locales

Contains language support files.

devices Ultimedia Services Device Support

Contains device support for Ultimedia Services product.

UMS.dictation VoiceType Dictation for AIX

Contains the executables required to run the voice dictation programs.

Special Migration Notes

The UMS.info.en_US package requires that the bos.info.en_US.nav fileset be installed first.

Special Installation Notes

Unlike most other packages, when you install the UMS package the system automatically installs all packages that begin with UMS . Therefore, the UMS.info.en_US, UMS.loc, and UMS.dictation packages are installed. Because the UMS.loc package requires the installation of the bos.loc.iso.Zh_TW fileset, which is available on AIX Version 4.2.0 and later media, installation of the UMS package will appear to fail if the bos.loc.iso.Zh_TW fileset is not installed on your system or available on your installation media. Requisite failures will occur for the UMS.loc.Zh_TW.objects and UMS.msg.Zh_TW.objects filesets.

If no other requisite failures or problems occur during installation and you do not require the Traditional Chinese big5 locale and messages, consider your installation as having succeeded. If you require the Traditional Chinese big5 locale and messages, install the bos.loc.iso.Zh_TW fileset from AIX 4.2.0 or later media before installing the UMS package.

If you do not want the system to automatically install the UMS.info.en_US, UMS.loc, and UMS.dictation packages, you should install each of the filesets in the UMS package individually rather than installing the UMS package. Likewise, you can install individual filesets in the UMS.loc package.

When performing a migration install from any version of AIX 4.1 or AIX 4.2 to AIX 4.3, an existing UMS will be deinstalled. This is to prevent problems due to incompatibilities between the UMS X11R5 XVideo Extension and the AIX X11R6 Xserver contained in AIX 4.3. After the migration install, the user must re-install UMS, including the UMS.video_ext package containing the X11R6 version of the UMS XVideo Extension, from the AIX 4.3 Bonus Pack CDs.

License Type

Ultimedia Services requires the Nodelocked software license.

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