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AIX Version 4.3 Package Guide for LPP Installation

SNA Product Information

Communications Server provides SNA networking support for AIX. This product contains several packages and options that enable you to enhance and customize your SNA environment.

Package Names

sna Communications Server Base Support

This package contains all functions entitled with Communications Server, including the Gateway feature, Anynet Sockets over SNA feature, SNA over IP feature, APPC Application Suite, xsna AIXwindows graphic SNA management tool, and the SNAPI interactive TP development tool.

sna.instdlc AIX DLC Support Package

This package contains filesets for each AIX DLC that Communications Server supports. These filesets are responsible for automatically including an AIX DLC for installation when its associated communications device is installed.

sna.man Communications Server Command Manual Pages

This package contains the manual pages for Communications Server commands.

dtext.brwsr DynaText Browser

The Dynatext Softcopy browser is used to view softcopy publications created specifically for use by the browser. The browser facilitates paging, indexing, and searching through, as well as printing hypertext publications.

Communications.Bnd Communications Server Bundle Definition Package Information

The Communications Server Bundle Definition contains bundle definitions for easy installation of a complete production SNA solution including interoperability between SNA and TCP/IP networks.

host_on_demand Host On-Demand

The IBM eNetwork Host Host On-Demand package contains a TN3270 emulator that can run in any JAVA-enabled environment.

sna.dlcchannel SNA Channel DLC Support

This package provides the DLC for SNA channel-attached links to a host using CDLC communications.

sna.dlcmpc SNA Channel MPC DLC Support

This package provides the DLC for SNA channel-attached links to a host using MPC mode communications.

sna.ecl Host Access Class Library Support

The IBM eNetwork Host Access Class Library (or Host Access API) for Java provides a core set of classes and methods that allow the development of platform-independent applications that can access host information at the data stream level.

sna.html.LANG SNA HTML Documentation

The SNA HTML Documentation package contains the online documentation for use with the Communications Server product.

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