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AIX Version 4.3 Package Guide for LPP Installation

PEX Run-Time Environment Package Information

This package contains the base development tools, including PEX server support, shared library, and default fonts. This package also offers the soft development tools to use the SoftGraphics PEX support. Also contained in this package is an installation verification program.

Fileset Names

PEX_PHIGS.PEX.rte.base PEX Base Run-Time Environment

Contains the base PEX run-time libraries and executables for using the hardware accelerated graphics adapters that support the PEX server.

PEX_PHIGS.PEX.rte.soft PEX Soft Run-Time Environment

Contains the base PEX run-time libraries and executables for using the SoftGraphics technology, which uses AIX for rendering operations.

Approximate Disk Space Required

The PEX Run-Time Environment package requires approximately 18.2 MB of disk space.

Requisite Software

Install requisite software either before or with the filesets you are installing from this package.

Fileset you are installing Requisite Software
PEX Base Run-Time Environment AIXwindows Run-Time Environment
AIXwindows Run-Time Libraries
AND one of the following:
PEX graPHIGS GXT1000 Device
Dependent Software
PEX graPHIGS GT4 Device
Dependent Software
PEX Soft Run-Time Environment
PEX Soft Run-Time Environment PEX Base Run-Time Environment
PE_PHIGS Soft Run-Time

Special Installation Notes

An Installation Verification Program is supplied with this fileset. Run /usr/lpp/X11/Xamples/pex/ivp/cube to start the program.

If you use the hardware-accelerated adapters, you may choose not to install the PEX soft Run-Time Environment (PEX_PHIGS.PEX.rte.soft) because it requires approximately 20MB of disk space.

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