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AIX Version 4.3 Package Guide for LPP Installation

Network Station Base Package Information

The Network Station base package contains the Network Station AIX Server software.

Fileset Names

netstation.base.rte Network Station kernel, modules, & keyboards

This fileset contains the IBM Network Station kernel, the X Server, and the utilities necessary to configure the AIX operating system so that the AIX operating system can host the IBM Network Station.

netstation.base.smit Network Station BOOTP SMIT configuration

This fileset contains the screens that are necessary to configure BOOTP devices such as the IBM Network Station using SMIT.

netstation.base.fnt Network Station X11 fonts

This fileset contains the X11 fonts necessary to support the IBM Network Station.

Approximate Disk Space Required

The Network Station base software requires approximately 75 megabytes of disk space.

Requisite Hardware

IBM Network Station models 8361-100 or 8361-200.

Requisite Software

Requisite software must be installed before or with the filesets you are installing from this package.

Fileset you are installing Requisite Software
Network Station Fonts Network Station AIX Server software

Special Installation Notes

After installing, see /usr/netstation/doc/. If you plan to use DHCP, you will need to install the TCP/IP Server Support fileset, bos.net.tcp.server.

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