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AIX Version 4.3 Package Guide for LPP Installation

Netscape Enterprise Server (WT) Product Information

The Netscape Enterprise Server is a high-performance, secure World Wide Web server for creating, managing, and intelligently distributing information throughout an enterprise or across the Internet. This product contains one package, netscape.enterprise.

Separate CDs contain the AIX version 4.1 and AIX version 4.2 Netscape Enterprise Server products. Both CDs are ordered under one feature code.

This Netscape Enterprise Server product may be exported outside the United States and Canada.

Requisite Software

AIX Shared Library Hookable Symbols/6000 PRPQ RTE must be installed with this product. The AIX Shared Library Hookable Symbols/6000 PRPQ RTE is included on the CD that contains the Netscape Enterprise Server (WT) product.

Special Installation Notes

This product requires the installation of a web browser that supports frames, tables, and JavaScript. The Netscape Navigator web browsers that ship on the AIX 4.3 Bonus Pack meet these requirements. You must install the Netscape Navigator browser or another browser of your choice.

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