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AIX Version 4.3 Package Guide for LPP Installation

Java Product Information

Java is the programming environment for web based applications. This is version 1.1.2. The system management application websm (wsm) is a Java application.

Package Names

Java.rte Contains the Runtime environment for the Java language.
Java.adt Contains files required to write applications in Java. For examples, the includes files are in this package.
Java.samples Contains example and demo software for the Java language.

Approximate Disk Space Required

The Java LPP software requires approximately 25.4 megabytes of disk space.

Requisite Software

Java requires bos.rte, X11.base.rte, X11.base.lib, X11.motif.lib, and X11.motif.mwm filesets.

Special Installation Notes

A minimum subset of Java needs to be auto installed so that websm is available.

Special Migration Notes

For special instructions to migrate this LPP, refer to the LPP package description.

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