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AIX Version 4.3 Package Guide for LPP Installation

IPX and SPX Protocol Suite Package Information

This package provides IPX/SPX Protocols Suite support for AIX. It includes support of IPX, SPX, SPX II, RIP and SAP protocols. It also includes SMIT support for configuration and management of the protocol suite. "C" language include files for programs written to exploit IPX/SPX protocols.

NOTE: The IPX/SPX Backward Compatibility Package ipx.rte contains older level IPX/SPX protocol suite. This package is included in AIX Version 4.3 to handle the rare case when an existing IPX/SPX application is not binary compatible with AIX Version 4.3 IPX/SPX (ipx.base package).

The IPX/SPX Backward Compatibility software requires approximately 1.5 megabytes of disk space.

IPX/SPX Backward Compatibility Package (ipx.rte) cannot be installed on a system that has AIX Version 4.3 IPX/SPX Package (ipx.base) installed.

Fileset Names

IPX/SPX API Files ipx.base.api

"C" language include files for IPX/SPX Applications

IPX/SPX Libraries ipx.base.lib

IPX/SPX support libraries

IPX/SPX Runtime ipx.base.rte

IPX/SPX Protocols Stack Runtime

IPX/SPX SMIT ipx.base.smit


Approximate Disk Space Required

The IPX/SPX Protocol Suite software requires approximately 8.2 megabytes of disk space.

Requisite Software

Requisite software must be installed before or with the filesets you are installing from this package.

ipx.msg.en_US fileset is pre-requisite for this package and will get automatically installed.

Special Installation Notes

This package is mutually exclusive with the package ipx.rte, which is provided for the customers requiring older level IPX/SPX protocol stack.

Special Migration Notes

If the system being migrated has ipx.rte package (older level IPX/SPX) installed, after migration install, customers need to configure the new protocol stack using SMIT, based on their old IPX/SPX configuration (if any). The old IPX/SPX configuration file will be left intact by the migration install.

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