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AIX Version 4.3 Package Guide for LPP Installation

High Availability Cluster Multi-Processing Product Information

High Availability Cluster Multi-Processing allows the configuration of a cluster of RS/6000 systems which provides highly available disk, network, and application resources.

Package Names

cluster.adt HACMP Application Development Toolkit

Contains sample and demo programs and data, as well as libraries, include files, and source files required for the creation of custom programs that interface directly with HACMP.

cluster.base HACMP Base Components

Contains the minimum files required to use HACMP.

cluster.cspoc HACMP C-SPOC Utility

Contains the Cluster Single Point of Control (C-SPOC) utility, which lets system administrators perform administrative tasks on all cluster nodes from any node in the cluster.

cluster.haview HACMP HAView

Contains the HAView cluster monitoring utility that lets system administrators monitor HACMP clusters through the NetView graphical network management interface.

cluster.man.en_US HACMP Man Pages

Contains the online documentation for HACMP.

cluster.vsm HACMP Visual System Management Configuration Utility

Contains the Xwindows-based HACMP utilities.

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