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AIX Version 4.3 Package Guide for LPP Installation

Format of Product Information

The description for each licensed program lists the following information, as applicable. For example, if no special instructions are required for installing a software product, the Special Installation Notes section is omitted.

Some licensed programs are also grouped together into solutions which provide full function for the customer.

Package Names or Fileset Names Lists packages or filesets in the licensed program. A package consists of one or more related filesets. A fileset is the smallest installable unit of a software product. Large products are often divided into several packages, each of which can be copied onto a server.
Approximate Disk Space Required Lists, in megabytes, the approximate amount of hard disk space required to store the installed software.
Requisite Software Lists other software packages and filesets that must be installed before or with the licensed program.
Note: Because all licensed programs require the Version 4.2 Base Operating System Run-Time (bos.rte) package, it is not repeated in the Requisite Software section.
Special Installation Notes Lists special instructions for installing the licensed program and packages.
Note: For reliability, stop all processes before installing software. If, however, stopping all processes is not feasible, this section identifies those processes you must stop.
Special Migration Notes Lists special instructions for migrating the licensed program and packages.

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