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AIX Version 4.3 Package Guide for LPP Installation

DCE Base Services Product Information

The DCE Base Services product contains a compatibility and API libraries and support.

Package Description

dce.compat DCE Compatibility Library

The DCE Compatibility Library includes compatibility libraries for the following DCE SMIT libraries: Client Tools, Client Services, Security Services, Cell Directory Services, Enhanced DFS, NFS to DFS Authenticating Gateway, and DFS Base Server.

dce.xdsxom DCE X.500 API Library

The DCE X.500 API Library contains the library that allows interface to the X.500 API.

dce.dfs_server DCE Base DFS Server

The DCE Base Distributed File System (DFS) allows users to share files stored in a network of computers as easily as files stored on a local machine/workstation.

dce.client DCE Base Client

The DCE Base Client provides the foundation upon which distributed applications can be built. DCE services are of two types: Application Development services and Run-Time Services. Included in the Base Client package are tools and services to support the distributed computing environment.

dce.pthreads DCE Threads Compatibility Library

The DCE pthreads are mapped to the AIX threads library in AIX Version 4.1. Developers who have included DCE threads in their applications should install this library to ensure compatibility with AIX threads for their applications.

dce.doc DCE Online Documentation

The DCE Online Documentation package contains DCE online documentation and retrieval tools.

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