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AIX Version 4.3 Package Guide for LPP Installation

DB2 Single-User Product Information

The DB2 Single-User is a relational database management system containing functions and tools that enable users to create, update, control and manage relational databases using Structured Query Language (SQL). It also includes an application development environment. (Refer to the DB2 Software Developer's Kit Product Information for more details.)

Package Description

db2_02_01.client DB2 Client Application Enabler

Contains executables that provide run-time support to allow applications to access local or remote database servers.

db2_02_01.conv DB2 Code Page Conversions

Contains files to enable code page conversion between applications and databases that are not using the same code pages.

db2_02_01.clp DB2 Command Line Processor

Contains executables and sample programs for running the DB2 command line processor which enables interactive and batch entry of SQL statements and of DB2 commands.

db2_02_01.sdk DB2 Software Developer's Kit

Contains a collection of precompilers, programming libraries, header files and code samples to develop database applications.

db2_02_01.db2 DB2 Engine

Contains executables, utilities and sample programs for a full-function relational database management system.

db2_02_01.dd DB2 Database Director

Contains a graphical tool for configuration, backup and recovery, directory management and media management.

db2_02_01.ve DB2 Visual Explain

Contains a graphical tool for analyzing and tuning SQL statements.

db2_02_01.pm DB2 Performance Monitor

Contains a graphical tool for comprehensive performance data collection, viewing, reporting, analysis and alerting capabilities.

db2_02_01.doc.En_US.ipfx DB2 Product Library - INF - English

Contains the English language version of the DB2 product library in INF format, for on-line viewing of the DB2 manuals using the IBM Information Presentation Facility viewer.

db2_02_01.doc.En_US.pscript DB2 Product Library - PostScript - English

Contains the English language version of the DB2 product library in PostScript format, for printing DB2 manuals on a PostScript printer.

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