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AIX Version 4.3 Network Installation Management Guide and Reference

Recovering the /etc/niminfo File

The /etc/niminfo file, which resides on the master and running NIM clients, is required to run NIM commands and perform NIM operations. If the /etc/niminfo file is accidentally deleted, you can rebuild the file.

From Web-based System Manager

From the NIM container, from the NIM menu, select Rebuild Master Configuration File.

Note: The Configure NIM TaskGuide will detect when you do not have a niminfo file, yet do have NIM database entries. The TaskGuide queries whether it should rebuild the master configuration file.

From the Command Line

Enter the following command from the master to rebuild the file:

nimconfig -r

To rebuild the the /etc/niminfo file from a running NIM client, enter:

niminit -a master_port=PortNumber -a master=MasterHostName \
-a name=ClientMachineObjectName

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