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AIX Version 4.3 Network Installation Management Guide and Reference

Preventing Machines from Adding Themselves as Clients

Machines may add themselves as clients in NIM environments by using the niminit command and specifying the hostname of a NIM master. In some environments, administrators may want total control over which machines are added as clients of their masters. To prevent clients from adding themselves to a NIM environment, an administrator can use the client_reg attribute.

Note: This task is not currently supported by Web-based System Manager.


The option to allow clients to add themselves to a NIM environment can be changed from the SMIT interface by typing the SMIT fast path:

  smit nim_client_reg

From the Command Line

To prevent machines from adding themselves as clients in a NIM environment, set the attribute client_reg=no on the NIM master:

  nim -o change -a client_reg=no master

To allow machines to add themselves as clients of a NIM master, remove the client_reg attribute by setting it to "yes" on the master:

  nim -o change -a client_reg=yes master

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