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AIX Version 4.3 Network Installation Management Guide and Reference

Migrating Diskless and Dataless Clients and NIM SPOTS

Migration to a new release of AIX is not currently supported for diskless and dataless clients. Also, migration of a SPOT that is not a converted /usr file system is not supported.

After migrating a machine that is a SPOT server to a new release of AIX, you must remove and redefine the SPOT in order to also bring it to the new AIX level.

To remove and redefine the SPOT, enter:

nim -o remove SPOT_name
nim -o define -t spot -a location=SPOTDirectory \
-a server=SPOTServer -a source=SPOTSource SPOTName

A /usr SPOT served by a client in the NIM environment can be reinstalled with a new level of AIX using the migration procedure, but the SPOT object must be removed and then redefined after the migration completes. Any diskless or dataless clients served by that SPOT must be reinitialized. To reinitialize diskless and dataless clients after migrating a /usr SPOT server, deallocate, then reallocate the root resources, and then perform the dtls_init or dkls_init operation accordingly.

To reinitialize diskless and dataless clients, enter:

nim -o reset -F ClientName
nim -o deallocate -a root=RootResourceName ClientName
nim -o allocate -a root=RootResourceName ClientName
nim -o dkls_init ClientName
Attention: Any customization that was done previously will be erased, because deallocating the root resource will delete all the files in the root directory.

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