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AIX Version 4.3 Installation Guide

Migrating Network Software

The following must be considered when migrating network software:

Migrating TCP/IP from Version 3.2

Configuration files are saved in /lpp/save.config/etc. The file from the previous release is named filename.old , and the shipped file is named filename.new. For example, when /etc/rc.tcpip is migrated:

/etc/rc.tcpip is upgraded and your configuration information is saved.
/lpp/save.config/etc/rc.tcpip.old is the original rc.tcpip file (with your configuration changes).
/lpp/save.config/etc/rc.tcpip.new is the version shipped with your latest level of AIX (without your configuration changes).

The following files are migrated:

All the services previously defined are kept. The AIX Version 4.3 /etc/services file contains all the defined services from the Request for Comment (RFC) and Internet Engineer Task Force (IETF) standards document. Where a conflict exists between a service you have previously defined and a globally defined service (from an RFC), your service will be kept and the official one commented out.

In most cases, your TCP/IP configuration will migrate without problems. If you have made substantial changes to any of the preceding files, be sure everything you changed still works after migration is complete.

Migrating NFS and NIS from Version 3.2

The /etc/rc.nfs and /var/yp/Makefile files are not migrated. The old files are saved in /lpp/save.config/etc/rc.nfs and /lpp/save.config/var/yp/Makefile. You must configure your Network Information Service (NIS) domain name before an NIS client will work.

For NIS servers, the NIS databases are unchanged. You must reconfigure the NIS domain and restore any changes you previously made to rc.nfs and the Makefile because rc.nfs and Makefile get replaced. The old files are saved in /lpp/save.config with their corresponding path names. The user and group information is retained because the passwd and group files are not changed in a migration install.

Migrating XStations from Version 3.2 or Version 4.1

The /etc/bootptab file is migrated during migration installation.

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