First Edition (October 1997)

Trademarks and Acknowledgements

About This Guide

Chapter 1. Determining Your Starting Point

Chapter 2. Installing BOS from CD-ROM or Tape

Chapter 3. Customizing Your Installation

Chapter 4. Customizing the BOS Install Program
Introduction to Customizing the BOS Install Program
Using a Customized File File Stanza Descriptions
Example Files

Chapter 5. Installing BOS from a System Backup

Chapter 6. Installing Optional Software and Service Updates

Chapter 7. Installing and Configuring the Documentation Search Service and Installing AIX Documentation

Chapter 8. Maintaining Optional Software

Chapter 9. Backing Up Your System

Chapter 10. Alternate Disk Installation

Chapter 11. Troubleshooting

Chapter 12. Acting on System and Error Messages

Chapter 13. Viewing README Files

Appendix A. Optional Software Installation and Update Concepts

Appendix B. Software Installed Automatically during BOS Installation

Appendix C. Compatibility between AIX Version 3.2 and AIX Version 4.3

Appendix D. Migrating from AIX Version 3.2, AIX Version 4.1, or AIX Version 4.2


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