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AIX Version 4.3 Guide to Printers and Printing

Testing a Spooler Queue

When spooling jobs from an application, it's often not clear if a job is actually getting to the spooler. Again assume you are having problems with a queue named asc.

Issue the command disable asc to disable the spooler queue. Issue the command lpstat -pasc to verify that the queue is DOWN. Now submit a job to the queue using the application.

Use lpstat to verify that the job is on the asc queue (as long as the queue status is in a temporary DOWN state, the qdaemon will put a job on the queue but will not allow it to be processed.) If the job is not on the queue, use personal knowledge, application documentation, or application technical support to determine what might be wrong. If possible, determine exactly what job submission command or method is being used by the application and try it from the command line. It's possible that the application is hiding error messages being returned by either enq or the qdaemon.

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