Fifth Edition (April 1996)

Trademarks and Acknowledgements

About This Book

Chapter 1. Performance Concepts

Chapter 2. AIX Resource Management Overview

Chapter 3. An Introduction to Multiprocessing

Chapter 4. Performance-Conscious Planning, Design, and Implementation

Chapter 5. System Monitoring and Initial Performance Diagnosis

Chapter 6. Monitoring and Tuning CPU Use
Using vmstat to Monitor CPU Use
Using the time Command to Measure CPU Use
Using xmperf to Monitor CPU Use
Using ps to Identify CPU-Intensive Programs
Using tprof to Analyze Programs for CPU Use
Detailed Control Flow Analysis with stem
Restructuring Executables with fdpr
Controlling Contention for the CPU
Modifying the Scheduler Time Slice
CPU-Efficient User ID Administration

Chapter 7. Monitoring and Tuning Memory Use

Chapter 8. Monitoring and Tuning Disk I/O

Chapter 9. Monitoring and Tuning Communications I/O

Chapter 10. DFS Performance Tuning

Chapter 11. Performance Analysis with the Trace Facility

Chapter 12. Performance Diagnostic Tool (PDT)

Chapter 13. Handling a Possible AIX Performance Bug

Appendix A. AIX Performance Monitoring and Tuning Commands

Appendix B. Performance-Related Subroutines

Appendix C. Cache and Addressing Considerations

Appendix D. Efficient Use of the ld Command

Appendix E. Performance of the Performance Tools

Appendix F. Application Memory Management-malloc and realloc

Appendix G. Performance Effects of Shared Libraries

Appendix H. Accessing the Processor Timer

Appendix I. National Language Support-Locale vs Speed

Appendix J. Summary of Tunable AIX Parameters