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AIX Version 4.3 System Management Guide: Operating System and Devices

Displaying the Status of a Subsystem or Subsystems

Use the lssrc command to display the status of a System Resource Controller (SRC) resource such as a subsystem, a group of subsystems, or a subserver.

All subsystems can return a short status report that includes which group the subsystem belongs to, whether the subsystem is active, and what its process ID (PID) is. If a subsystem does not use the signals communication method, it can be programmed to return a long status report containing additional status information.

The lssrc command provides flags and parameters for specifying the subsystem by name or PID, for listing all subsystems, for requesting a short or long status report, and for requesting the status of SRC resources either locally or on remote hosts.

Displaying the Status of Subsystems Tasks
Web-based System Manager:    wsm subsystems fast path
(Subsystems application)

Task SMIT Fast Path Command or File
Display the status of a subsystem smit qssys lssrc -s SubsystemName
Display the status of all subsystems on a particular host smit lsssys lssrc -h HostName -a

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