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AIX Version 4.3 System Management Guide: Operating System and Devices

Removing InfoExplorer Information Bases

The method you use to remove an information base depends on whether it is installed on the fixed disk from an installation media or linked from the mounted hypertext CD-ROM.


You must have write access to the /usr/lpp/info/lib/$LANG directory. $LANG refers to the language you are using for the InfoExplorer program.

Remove Information Bases Installed on Fixed Disk

To determine what database packages are installed on your system, run the lslpp command or use SMIT to generate a list. To remove an information base that is installed on the fixed disk, you must remove the corresponding software option. Refer to "Maintaining Optional Software" in the AIX Installation Guide.

Remove Information Bases Linked from CD-ROM

To determine what databases are linked from the hypertext CD-ROM, use the cd command to change to the /infocd/usr/lpp/info/lib/en_US/aix41 directory and run the ls -l command. Database directories that are linked from the hypertext CD-ROM will have symbolic links to /infocd listed.

Use the rm command to delete the symbolic links for any unneeded information bases. To delete the links, use the following form of the rm command:

rm -f /usr/lpp/info/lib/ $LANG / InformationBaseName

For example, to remove the symbolic link for the files information base (AIX Version 4.3 Files Reference) from a system where the language is U.S. English, enter:

rm -f /usr/lpp/info/lib/en_US/aix41/files
Note: Information bases cannot be deleted from the CD-ROM. For performance enhancements, you may decide to install frequently accessed information bases onto the fixed disk. Refer to "Installing Optional Software and Service Updates" in the AIX Installation Guide.

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