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AIX Version 4.3 System Management Guide: Operating System and Devices

Chapter 19. Managing Power Management

Power Management is a technique that enables hardware and software to minimize system power consumption. It is especially important for products that operate with batteries and desktop products.

Power Management tasks can be performed by using:

Individual power management tasks are shown in the following table. The following section, Power Management Limitation Warnings, contains important information for all users of Power Management.


You must have root user authority to perform most of the tasks in the following table.

Power Management Tasks
Task SMIT Fast Path Command or File PM Application
Enable Events smit pmEnable pmctrl -e -a enable /usr/lpp/x11/bin/xpowerm
Disable Events smit pmEnable pmctrl -e -a full_on /usr/lpp/x11/bin/xpowerm
Configure Power Management smit pmConfigConfigure mkdev -l pmc0  
Unconfigure Power Management smit pmConfigUnconfigure rmdev -l pmc0  
Start System State Transition smit pmState pmctrl -e -a suspend /usr/lpp/x11/bin/xpowerm
Change/Show Parameters smit pmData pmctrl /usr/lpp/x11/bin/xpowerm
Change Timer Setting smit pmTimer pmctrl /usr/lpp/x11/bin/xpowerm
Change Display Power Management smit pmDisplaySelect pmctrl /usr/lpp/x11/bin/xpowerm
Change Idle Time for Each Device pmDevice pmctrl /usr/lpp/x11/bin/xpowerm
Show Battery Information smit pmBatteryInfo battery /usr/lpp/x11/bin/xpowerm
Discharge Power Management Battery smit pmBatteryDischarge battery -d /usr/lpp/x11/bin/xpowerm

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