Seventh Edition (April 1998)

Trademarks and Acknowledgements

Communications Statements

Safety Notices

About This Book

Chapter 1. Asynchronous Communication Planning

Chapter 2. Serial Communication

Chapter 3. Asynchronous Devices and Software

Chapter 4. Standard, 8-Port Micro Channel, and 16-Port Asynchronous Adapters

Chapter 5. 64-Port Asynchronous Adapters

Chapter 6. 128-Port Asynchronous Subsystem Overview

Chapter 7. 8-Port Asynchronous ISA/PCI Adapter

Chapter 8. Serial Communications Network Server Overview

Chapter 9. Network Terminal Accelerator Overview

Chapter 10. Modems Overview

Chapter 11. Asynchronous Communication Applications

Appendix A: 128-Port Async Adapter Configuration Worksheet

Appendix B: Ethernet

Appendix C: Wiring Serial Devices

Appendix D: Wiring and Interconnection

Appendix E: Data Transmission

Appendix F: 7318 General Specifications

Appendix G: 7318 Connector Pinouts

Appendix H: 7318 BIOS Command Summary

Appendix I: 7318 Feature Codes and Part Number Information

Appendix J: Updating 7318 BIOS Code

Appendix K: 7318 System Errors

Appendix L: 7318 Buddy Mode Application Program Interface (API)