First Edition (October 1997)

Trademarks and Acknowledgements

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Chapter 1. Assembler Overview

Chapter 2. Processing and Storage

Chapter 3. Syntax and Semantics

Chapter 4. Addressing

Chapter 5. Assembling and Linking a Program

Chapter 6. Extended Instruction Mnemonics

Chapter 7. Migrating Source Programs

Chapter 8. Instruction Set

Chapter 9. Pseudo-ops

Appendix A. Messages

Appendix B. Instruction Set Sorted by Mnemonic

Appendix C. Instruction Set Sorted by Primary and Extended Op Code

Appendix D. Instructions Common to POWER, POWER2, and PowerPC

Appendix E. POWER and POWER2 Instructions

Appendix F. PowerPC Instructions

Appendix G. PowerPC 601 RISC Microprocessor Instructions