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3270 Host Connection Program 2.1 and 1.3.3 for AIX: Guide and Reference



Reinitializes HLLAPI to its starting state.

Prerequisite Calls

This function requires no prerequisite calls to other functions.


hllc (func, apistring, len, ret)
int *func;
char *apistring;
int *len;
int *ret;

Supplied Parameters

Supply the following parameters to invoke the RESET SYSTEM function:

func Specifies the number of the function called; must be a 21 for the RESET SYSTEM function.
apistring Does not apply for this function.
len Does not apply for this function.
ret Does not apply for this function.

Returned Parameters

ret The following are valid:
0 Specifies that the RESET SYSTEM function was successful.
9 Specifies that a system error occurred.


To reinitialize HLLAPI to its starting state, use the RESET SYSTEM function to invoke the following events:

The RESET SYSTEM function reinitializes HLLAPI to its starting state. Use the RESET SYSTEM function during initialization or at the end of your program to reset the system to the initial condition.

Related Information

CONNECT PRESENTATION SPACE (1) function and RESERVE (11) function.

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