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RS/6000 Technical Library

External WWW Sites of Interest

Following is a list of related sites. All links denoted with a diagonal arrow indicate an external WWW internet site, and requires that you have access to the internet.

AIX and RS/6000 Related Links
System Expert for AIX
Remote monitoring solution for performance, capcity, configuration, and security of RS/6000s running AIX. This is a service of IBM Global Services.

System Expert Demo from the AIX Technical Library/6000 CD
Take a look at the demo for System Expert! This demo is available directly from your AIX Technical Library/6000 CD.

AIX Software Support
Learn about Support Family and even register to ask questions online

RS/6000 Home Page
Latest information on RS/6000

IBM Redbooks
Access redbooks--technical documentation

AIX Public Domain Software Library
Free software for your AIX V3.X or V4.1 system

An abundance of AIX information

Donohue's RS/6000 Page
AIX Hardware and Software vendor catalogs and information

University of Waterloo AIX Page
An AIX Support Group database

Frequently Asked Questions about AIX and the RS/6000

Team RS/6000
Not for profit organization of RS/6000-AIX users

POWERparallel User Group
Ask questions, seek answers, and contribute knowledge
Other IBM WWW Sites
The Official IBM Web Site
Start here for information about IBM products and services

IBM Global Services
Solutions to fit your business, your people, your vision