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RS/6000 Technical Library

Fix Levels/Program Temporary Fixes (PTFs) for

PTFFILESETLEVELAPARs FIXED IX55064 IX55259 IX55260 IX55305 IX55403 IX55545 IX55602 IX55603 IX56539 IX59013 IX59016 IX59019 IX59022 IX61594 IX61596 IX61597 IX62122 IX64117 IX64437 IX64440 IX64441 IX66109 IX66110 IX59013 IX59016 IX59019 IX59022 IX59830 IX61452 IX61594 IX61596 IX61597 IX61932 IX62122 IX62870 IX64117 IX64437 IX64440 IX64441 IX64804 IX68258 IX68259 IX68260 IX67798 IX67799 IX67800 IX67801 IX69205 IX71004 IX71005 IX71006 IX71007 IX71008 IX75767 IX75154 IX75351 IX78503 IX86749 IX87084 IX81076

NOTE: Additional fix information can be obtained by:

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