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RS/6000 Technical Library

Fix Levels/Program Temporary Fixes (PTFs) for sna.rte

U437857sna.rte2.2.0.1IX49435 IX48858 IX49039 IX49153 IX49313 IX49382 IX49392 IX49429 IX49464 IX49742 IX49420 IX49729 IX50152 IX50030 IX50351 IX49392 IX50378 IX50283 IX50687
U440156sna.rte3.1.0.1IX53700 IX53822 IX53977 IX54025
U440318sna.rte2.2.0.2IX54026 IX51052 IX42798 IX52204 IX53564 IX50839 IX50855 IX50924 IX51089 IX51139 IX51831 IX52016 IX52312 IX52404 IX52527 IX52533 IX52743 IX52904 IX53267 IX53537 IX53627 IX53977 IX54025
U444012sna.rte2.2.0.3IX58840 IX54455 IX52432 IX53874 IX54352 IX54328 IX54341 IX54365 IX54278 IX54473 IX54856 IX54855 IX54025 IX55029 IX55059 IX55254 IX55497 IX55461 IX55549 IX55464 IX58501 IX55772 IX55777 IX56091 IX56148 IX56210 IX56261 IX56291 IX56373 IX56499 IX56719 IX57200 IX57255 IX57474 IX57523 IX57863 IX57874 IX57968 IX58029 IX58144
U444707sna.rte3.1.1.3IX59602 IX55461 IX58501 IX56502 IX56629 IX56719 IX57200 IX57474 IX57523 IX57595 IX57863 IX57874 IX58029 IX58144 IX58334 IX58635 IX58660 IX58723 IX58712 IX59190 IX59204 IX59477 IX59625 IX59804
U447650sna.rte3.1.2.2IX64974 IX61469 IX62349 IX61959 IX62826 IX64260 IX64321 IX64312 IX64419 IX64508 IX62879
U449300sna.rte3.1.2.3IX67032 IX66240 IX62982
U450199sna.rte3.1.2.4IX68510 IX61106 IX62412 IX65144 IX65232 IX65342 IX65349 IX65368 IX65534 IX65597 IX65938 IX65953 IX66207 IX66211 IX66286 IX66486 IX66664 IX66778 IX67041 IX67084 IX67294 IX67421 IX67453 IX67610 IX67628 IX67682 IX67611
U451747sna.rte3.1.2.5IX70394 IX67072 IX67106 IX67424 IX67777 IX67899 IX67917 IX68069 IX68229 IX68253 IX68379 IX68576 IX68653 IX69061 IX69098 IX69142 IX69315 IX69372 IX69396 IX69544 IX69746 IX69771 IX69847 IX69972 IX70072 IX70318
U454548sna.rte3.1.2.8IX75098 IX70116 IX70178 IX70339 IX70447 IX70833 IX70972 IX71058 IX71025 IX70048 IX72077 IX72318 IX72329 IX72403 IX72523 IX72748 IX73130 IX73276 IX73312 IX73447 IX73483 IX73843 IX73874 IX74274
U458905sna.rte5.0.2.1IX80936 IX76965 IX77328 IX77539 IX77566 IX77933 IX77989 IX78048 IX78233 IX78366 IX78574 IX78689 IX79153 IX79364 IX79522 IX80156 IX80753
U461716sna.rte3.1.2.11IX84129 IX78442 IX79153 IX79924 IX80931 IX81039 IX81163 IX81646 IX81733 IX81820 IX83075 IX83450 IX84097 IX84229 IX85806
U461999sna.rte5.0.2.3IX84471 IX81521 IX81532 IX82382 IX81635 IX82178 IX82256 IX82660 IX82711 IX81037 IX81190 IX81436
U462634sna.rte5.0.2.4IX86027 IX82662 IX83056 IX83082 IX83156 IX83182 IX83208 IX83584 IX83649 IX83810 IX83813 IX84015 IX84049 IX84187 IX84198 IX84470 IX84551 IX84608 IX84820 IX84825 IX84861 IX84989 IX85176 IX85492 IX85739 IX85863 IX85984 IX86028
U463767sna.rte5.0.2.5IX88372 IX83897 IX85570 IX86053 IX86122 IX86397 IX86258 IX86476 IX86479 IX86777 IX87189 IX87130 IX87224 IX87230 IX87285 IX87423 IX87513 IX87589 IX87590 IX87584 IX87636 IX87637 IX87638 IX87641 IX87645 IX87684 IX87871 IX87979 IX88030 IX88054 IX87396 IX88480
U464865sna.rte5.0.3.0IY00756 IX84821 IX87256 IX87520 IX87957 IX88252 IX88426 IX88523 IX88529 IX88662 IX88718 IX88727 IX88764 IX88765 IX88861 IX88932 IX88961 IX88978 IX89314 IX89344 IX89382 IX89634 IX89656 IX89749 IX89837 IX89906 IY00231 IY00272 IY00483 IY00637 IY00642

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