OS/2 device driver for copying files

LDCOPY is a simple OS/2 driver for copying files while CONFIG.SYS is being processed. There are various reasons why you might want to do this; for example, copying different versions of a file into a known place. Used in conjunction with the facility for alternate CONFIG.SYS files, it can be a useful tool.

To use the driver, place it in a directory of your choice (e.g. C:\OS2), and add a DEVICE statement to the CONFIG.SYS file, e.g.:

DEVICE=C:\OS2\LDCOPY.SYS sourcefile destinationfile

where 'sourcefile' specifies the name of the file to be copied, and 'destinationfile' specifies the place to which it is to be copied. Both filenames must be fully qualified (i.e. include drive and pathname). One limitation is that filenames which include spaces are not supported. Any existing 'destinationfile' is overwritten.

Call the driver multiple times if you want to copy more than one file.

The driver unloads after doing its job, so there is no permanent use of memory.

For more details, download the program and read the associated documentation.

The LDCOPY.ZIP file includes the following:

Download LDCOPY.ZIP version 1.1

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