Packet Filter Rules Dump Facility (Level 4.10).


Dump Facility run at 18:46:32 on 08/16/00.


Source of input for dump was storage.


Index of "active" secure interface array is 0.

Number of secure interfaces currently defined is 1.

First secure interface address :

Index of "active" rules array is 1.

Number of rules in the "active" rules array is 1.


Packet filter support code level is : 4.10.

Status of filter support code : active.

Status of packet logging : disabled.

Last update to rules info made at 18:46:26 on 08/16/00.

Number of updates to rules info since initialization is 1.


Rule 1:

Rule action : deny

Source Address :

Source Mask :

Destination Address :

Destination Mask :

Protocol : all

Source Port/ICMP/OSPF Type :any 0

Destination Port/ICMP Code :any 0

Interface : both

Routing : both

Direction : both

Logging control :yes

Fragment control :yes

Tunnel ID number : 0

Authenticate algorithm : none

Encryption algorithm : none