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1997. Nov. 22
One of  Japanese Enthusiasts  introduced Peter's page to the room #4.
Went there,  read each section.  At the bottom, left to the access counter, there was ( and still *is* ) a note stating  " You're not alone ! ".   My first access to the page was counted 6151th since 1997. 6.23.    6151 access  within 4 months !  Well, well, well, I was not alone.  Mysteries about IML and IBM SCSI  were all explained to every inches.  The information in the page really enlightened me ( except SIMM PD for 8MB 70ns and 80ns. early version of the list was cross noted for 70ns and 80ns  and it puzzled me a lot.   Anyway, Peter's page has been referred here and there in the room #4 since then. 

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