021228   And in the END...

Awful story reported to MCA forum in Japan.
 A guy wanted to restore his 5530-LXC which had been under his desk unplugged for years.  He could not locate
 associated Ref/Diag diskettes unfortunately.  30-L is not an IML machine nor doesn't have service partition.
 He asked service shops called PC DOCK to buy diskettes. ( I once bought ref/diags for most of all 486 systems
  there ). Two of such shops refused to sell the floppies due to license issue.
 Then he phoned to PC Dock support center held by the JP Blue.
    The answer he got;
       "That system is no more listed as a product to be supported,  support center will not sell any ref/diag
        diskettes anymore."
    He asked,
        "Is there any other way that I can get ref/diag diskettes ?"
       " NO."

Then he asked to the PS/55 message bulletin board for the diskettes.  Made disk images and taught him url to D/L what he wanted.

Awful story. Isn't it ?
Seems IBM Japan doesn't want us to use their good old PS/55s. 
Is the Small Blue Japan an exterminator killing it's own products?

I may keep rockin' with my MCA systems.  But how long.... 

Still Crazy Top

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