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021005-2    Cyrix and Lacuna #2      Episode  2   The Empire, not intel but  "AMD",  Strikes Back

        I forgot to mention that I found et9603.exe contained cache driver for OS/2  after I wrote
        comment  to George Albus.  George wrote me it didn't improve DISK I/O marks.
        I had a good result with Cyrix with DOS and  Win9x.  So I wanted to know  if Cyrix is really
        not good for Warp... 

Pulled out  CD-ROM-II and disassembled it.  Connected DC power and tested it. Caddy went down inward to the drive. Next, connected SCSI cable and powered it up. No go. Looked into SCSI pins and found one pin bent down. I don't know if it was the reason of the trouble but after I straighten the pin the CD ROM-II became alive.

Time to install Warp.....but  I completely forgot install procedure for coexistence of DOS and OS/2. Well it was not the point.  May be setting for boot manager was wrong but installation completed somehow.   All I wanted  is running SYSBENCH on OS/2 for Cyrix and DX4.

Installation completed and WARP 3 came up. Set resolution to 800x600 65536C.
Installed SysBench 0.9.4g. 

 9577-BTG 33MHz planar
 Hard Drive ; EIDE Quantum Fireball ST, 2160AT
 CD-ROM  ; Toshiba XM3401BMA  2.1x speed  off from IBM SCSI II ( OEM'ed FD MCS-700 ).
 RAM         ;  8MB x4 
 Resolution; 800x600, 65K color depth 
 OS/2 Warp 3 Connect  NO FIX Pack applied yet.
 File system; FAT

 Test result of SysBench 0.9.4g
     Dive       PM    Disk I/O    CD I/O
DX4-100     44.159     4.809    10.225    21.411    15.999     17.304
Cyrix5x86 3x         *1     45.262     6.088    10.136    14.230      9.056     17.284
Cyrix5x86 3x ET   *2     45.159     6.066    10.116    14.232      8.778     17.285
IBM5x86   3x         *1      45.138     6.060    10.127    14.231      9.440     17.285
IBM5x86   3x ET   *3      49.007     5.816    10.094    13.093      6.341     17.268
Cyrix5x86 4x ET   *3     51.821     7.756    10.140    14.270      9.355     17.291
Cyrix5c86 4x ET   *4     62.924     7.377    10.120    13.168      6.478     17.269
Cyrix5x86 4x ET   *5     62.986     7.471    10.111    13.154      6.456     17.270
am5x86 4x QFP   *6      50.331     6.085    10.212    21.648    15.300     17.308
am5x86 4x  PL586 *7     65.945     5.492    10.249    21.834    17.263     17.312

  SORRY that I can't locate appropriate 3x interposers for Lacuna socket except Evergreen586 at
  this moment.

  ET means cache driver et586OS2.sys is used 
  Interposer;   EverGreen 586 is used for  *1, *2, *3,  *4, *5.  CB/on 
                    PowerLeap PL586  is used for *7 .  WB/on.

  *1  Cache driver not used 
  *2  Cache driver; default setting ( /CCR4=1D  )
  *3  Cache driver; default setting ( /CCR4=1D  )
  *4  Cache driver;  /CCR4=1D  /WBE 
  *5  Cache driver;  /CCR2=56  /CCR4=1D  /WBE  ( worked fine on 5551-R and Win98 )

  *6  EverGreen  amd5x86/QFP Upgrade , WB/ON 
  *7  AMD 5x86/PGA on  PowerLeap PL586 on an 486 socket interposer ( like the one for PODP )

  Cyrix5x86 used for *3 through *4 is 133MHz unit.  Can't find my favorite x4 100MHz beast.
  Cyrix5x86 *2 is x3 100GP

  HAS-33T in the GETA page does not fit to the socket. Interposer's PCB hits the Power connector
  from the PSU.

 PowerLeap PL586 also does not fit to the socket. SW block under the PCB hits capacitors inside
 the socket.  It needs another socket 

 PGA DX4 ....ZIF lever will hit overhang of the interposer for voltage regulator!! 

  No,  It shouldn't be......   But Fact is fact.   I have not yet tested other SW settings, but so far it 
  seems that Cyrix5x86 is not good at DISK I/O and Video test on OS/2 ( and on Lacuna ).
  CPU integer and Floating point hit really a good score but PM and Disk I/O are really slower than
  DX4-100.  AMD is better than Cyrix on Video and Disk I/O.

  I shall seek and find other register setting...not now. but in SOMEDAY .
                       (   as a matter of fact, I should have to  write "Tomorrow"  in stead of  "someday".  ) 

  Monologue;  I still can't believe the result !   Wondering if Sysbench was programed to use special
                      instructions ( or function ? ) of Intel CPU. Actual performance of Cyrix does not seem
                      so bad......   Next time I'll try with x4 capable 100MHz unit.

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                                                                               ( I couldn't resist  seeking secret of Cyrix )

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