020819  Drive Rescue works great !

     Drive Rescue ;  As the name shows it recovers data from a hard drive which is erroneously formatted
or FDISKed and so on.  It was written by Alexander Grau and is really a nice software.  I downloaded Ver. 1.90D but it seems that the software has been sold to LC Technology now.  Probably  FILERECOVERY for Windows is the commercial version of  Drive Rescue. 

     I connected a seagate drive once used in 6886 to a clone Win98 system.  Set the drive as slave for the 1st IDE channel and installed Drive Rescue Ver. 1.90D.  Win98 could not  see the drive but Drive Rescue securely detected the drive.  Previously the drive concern was partitioned as 
   C: 1G  system,  Primary partition
   Rest 5G is logical partition and it was divided as
   D: 2G   programs and data ( Netscape and M$ office were there ) 
   E : 1G  data ( PS/2 downloads,  latest scripts for my home page  )
   F : 2G  data ( PS/55, MCA downloads and many files including earlier version of  many scripts for 
         my  homepage.  Most of these files were backed up in past Feb. ) 

Files stored in C partition seemed to be corrupted  but the rest of the files in D, E and F were supposed to be safe and  recoverable with Drive Rescue.  I prepared 4G of  free space in the master drive and made some directories to save files from 6G Seagate drive.
Drive Rescue really worked great.  Most of the files in the bad drive ( well, logically but not physically ) were  securely transferred to the master drive of Win98 system.  All the recovered files were  moved to Dell with Windows 2000 and also to my wife's XP system ( as a backup ).  I installed Netscape communicator 4.75 on Dell and overwrite user folder to the files rescued by the software.  Every mails and addresses and news group folders showed up.   Down loaded files and scripts I had written and drawn in past two years came up fine. 

I really thank Mr. Alexander Grau who wrote such a great program and once offered  it as a free ware. 

Man, be careful to play with a LLFing program on an active system to test it, keep backing  up your data regularly.   Home page of Alexander is here and Ver 1.0 is here.

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