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 020800   The Dark Side of the Moon   ( Making a temporary system for internet  ) 

     6886  lost it's hard drive. My wife and my daughter have been using Celeron 900MHz system with  Windows XP on it. I could use it too but my daughter frequently used it for mail transaction with her friends these days.  I like MCA systems. but  there is no room for PC Server 500, 9595 array system and so on.  PC720 6860 is on my desk for BBS access,  PS/55E 5538 is on the desk too for some test. My wife's PC is sitting behind me with it's associated 17" monitor. I have to take care about power consumption. 
Dell Optiplex G1 which was given to me while back has been lying around under the desk   Evil Force from the dark side of the clone world has been  inviting  me to their world.

   Got a 60GB IBM drive, Celleron Tualatine 1.2GHz,  slot1 to socket 370 converter made by PowerLeap and 128 MB SDRAM DIMM,  I installed Windows 2000 on the Dell.  Network setting was a bit difficult for me 'cause  it seemed very different from Win NT.  For this system I had to use on-board Ethernet  because I already  planned  and ordered  ADSL service for internet connection ( it should have been done with 6886 and EFD4. I don't have Token-Ether Bridge 8229 nor I have enough knowledge to construct a Linux machine for this purpose. 

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