Display Adapters
   P/N  EC  ADF  
 PS/55 D/A        Double--decked card for 5571-S
 PS/55 D/A -II  38F4650  31648D    51-S/T  71-T, No VGA function , AVEC
 PS/55 D/A -III  64F8907      51-S/T  71-T, No VGA function,  AVEC
 PS/55 D/A -IV  79F5417      30-T,  Adittional VRAM borad P/N is 39F7076
 PS/55 D/A -V  56F7520  13491D    51-S/T/V 71-T/V, No VGA function, AVEC
 Unkown  64F9134    Half size, aditional VRAM board P/N is 64F9135. 
 PS/55 D/A B
 PS/55 D/A B-II  79F5413      5560, 5580, 5540.  VGA capable.  BVEC 
 PS/55 D/A B-II  79F2159      circuit layout is differes from 79F5413. 
 PS/55 DBCS D/A /J  07G0446      5551-W/N/Y 30-L/V/W, VGA capable, BVEC
 PS/55 DBSC D/A /NI-J  54G1463      5551-R/L,  Non-interlaced, VGA capable, BVEC
 XGA-2  87F4744      
 SVGA CL5428   84G7001    @917B  5521-Y,   additional 1MB VRAM can be soldered
 SVGA CL5428      @917A  Server 500, VRAM fixed to 1MB.  easy to go mad.
 Reply CL5426      @8182  additional 1MB VRAM can be soldered
 ATI GUP        VRAM 2MB, 
 Matrox Impression        
 Artist Winsprint        

 Type,                              size,   Terminator 
 micro code
 SCSI /A 16Bit ,                          Long,   Blown DIP Term pack   15F6561    64F4376/77    5571-V1
 SCSI /A,                                   Short,   SIP Term packs   07G3169    64F4376/77    5551-W
 SCSI/A II-16A ,                        Short,   SIP Term packs  35G2976    92F2244/45    
 SCSI/A II-16A,                         Short,   SIP Term packs  66G1080    92F2244/45    
 SCSI /A  with Cache ,             Long ,  Yellow DIP Term pack  92F1572    92F2244/45    8595-J
 SCSI /A  with Cache,              Long,    No Term on the card  6451018    64F4376/77    5580-Y/W
 SCSI /A  with Cache ,             Half ,   SIP,  50pin HDA conctor  95F4480  64F4376/77  5561-W1/W2
 SCSI /A II 32Awith Cache ,   Short,  Yellow DIP Term pack  35G2818  C82347B  92F2244/45    5551-RE
 SCSI /A II 32Awith Cache,    Short ,    SIP Term packs  07G3063    92F446/47    Option ?
 SCSI /A II 32A with Cache ,    Long,  , 2 DIP Term packs
                                                 2.5" SCSI HD onboard.
 35G3785    92F2244/45    Option
 F/W SCSI-II /A  6451280      9595
 Future Domain MCS700        Option
 IBM SCSI -II /A ( Rebadged Future Domain MCS700         PS/2  9577s
 F/W RAID /A ,    Passplay        9595A
 Streaming F/W RAID /A,   Cheetah        Server 500

TokenRing Network /A
 16/4 TokenRing /A Long        
 16/4 TokenRing /A Short         
 Auto 16/4 TokenRing /A Short        
 Auto LanStreamer MC32 TokenRing /A        
 Dual LanStreamer MC32 TokenRing /A        Isn't it difficult to use with NT ?
 Madge 16/4 MC Ringnode  S16        
 Madge 16/4 MC32 Ringnode         
 Acton  16/4 TokenRing /A        
 RJ45 MAU   8226      Easy to use,  Good  for space saving. 
 MAU  8228      Easy to use, no power required but ...big
and hard to get ( in Japan ).
 Madge RJ45 MAU        
 Andrew MAU        
 8230 Controlled Access unit type-1        
 8230 LAM type-1        
 8230 RJ45 LAM type-1        
 8230 Controlled Access unit type-2        Madge has same product.
 8320 RJ45 LAM type-2        

 Adapter name
 2-8MB Memory Expansion        
 Action Media -II        
 Audio Catpure and Playback adapter
( ACPA )
       3 types available but I have one, short, rev. B only.
 Audiovation /A        I got one in  NIB condition $5
 Reply Sound Card        SB compatible. 
 Reply Sound Card with SCSI        some card are with non-active  SCSI I/F
 ChipChat Sound Card         
 Sound Piper        
 MCMaster        386 to 486 upgrade with Memory Expansion
 Data Card         170-250MB 2.5" IDE HD with Memory Expansion
 4 Slot PCMCIA /A  54G0506      Who has option disks for it to activate all 4 slots? 
 2 Slot PCMCIA /A  54G0481      
 2 Slot PCMCIA /A ( PS/2 )        
 2 Slot PCMCIA /A  ISA style  PC720  85G7334  Specially designed for  PC720

For detailed information about Adapters and drivers except PS/55 D/A,  please check Louis's site.

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