Model 5570

This section may never be completed forever.  I don't have enough information about 5570-S and T models. 
All models of 5570 does not have BUS master issue so that 5570 can take SCSI /A without any trouble regardless of the color  ( Red or White ) of Power Switch Lever.

Model 5570 ( -S09/S19/S0A/S1A/T09/T19/T1A/T0A/T0B/T0C/V0B/V0C/V1A/V1B/V1C )

  -Sxx ; 386DX-16, 2MB, ESDI, PS/55 Display Adapter ( not so sure )
  -Txx ; 386DX-20, 4MB, ESDI, PS/55 Display Adapter-II
  -V0x ; 386DX-25, 4MB, ESDI, PS/55 Display Adapter-II
  -V1x ; 386DX-25, 4MB, SCSI, PS/55 Display Adapter-II

5570-Sxx ( 16MHz ) 
5570-S was the first model of PS/55 line which was released in MAY 1987 shortly after PS/2 had been announced in US .
DOS used for this model was called IBM KDOS 3.30. KDOS was originally used for  IBM Japan's proprietary systems called  "Multistation 5550".  For detailed information about Multistation family, please click here.
5570-S was not usually included in the system compatibility list for some latest MCA  options and softwares  while 5570-T/V are listed.  I suspect it is related to the Display Adapter -I which was designed for KDOS 3.3x. 

The Stock Video Adapter ( though it was provided as an Option ) is consisted with three PCBs and requires  two MCA slots ( one is AVE 16bit and the other is usual 16bit slot ).

    Got advised about 5570-S. 
   According to the system guide issued on Jun.1997,   5570-S0A was specified  as follows.

CPU I80386 16MHz
Memory  2MB ( Max 16MB,  4MB max on the planar )
HDD 70MB ( Max 140MB )
FDD  2HD x 2drives
Slot 32bit x3, 16bit x2 ( most possibly  3slots are occupied with an ESDI /A and a Display adapter which  required 2 slots. )
Port Mouse, RS-232C ( Max support up to 9 ports)
System Security CMOS memory for password check 
Display adapter Should be loaded in designated MCA slot. ( Not included . sold as an option )
Kanji-Font ROM  7190 characters JIS Level 1 and Level 2
VRAM 2MB !  ( for  4 screens.)      I don't know what it means.
OS Supports  KDOS 3.3,   OS/2 J1.0


System unit   JY 1,497,000   !!! as usual...
2MB system board memory kit JY 240,000
70MB Hard Drive    JY 500,000
Display Adapter /A  JY 320,000   Wow !   would like to see this one.
5574 C-02 16" color display JY 370,000
5576 001 KeyBoard    JY   43,000
5576 G02 Printer JY 530,000 

5570-Txx ( 20MHz ) was equipped with Display Adapter-II and the newer  version of  DOS,  DOS J4.0.  This model might be same with 8580-1xx except the BIOS.

5570-Vxx ( 25MHz ) was the fastest model among all 5570, and was a variant of 8580-Axx. 
 -V1x model was equipped with non cached SCSI /A and SCSI HD along with a metal drive cage in which  2x  3.25" drives can be attached.

5570 is analogous to PS/2 8580. It uses Japanese reference and diagnostic diskettes. 
VGA connector on the planar is covered  by a plastic lid, and instead,  PS/55 Display Adapter-II is loaded on the AVE slot.  All tips for Mod.80 ( CPU upgrading, planar replacement and  memory problems) would  commonly apply  to PS/55 5570.

Reference diskettes Ver.1.3x and lower are basically system specific (  I myself have not tested ) and based on JDOS ( KDOS3.3 for Ver.1.0 and Ver 1.15 ). 
Reference disks Ver.1.40 and higher are based on DOS/V and these diskettes are labeled as "Reference diskette/V".  Reference Ver. 1.50 covers most of all 386 class models such as 5550-S/T/V, 5570-T/V, 5540-T, 5545, 5530-S/T. 
As I wrote  that 5570-S was equipped with KDOS, I suppose a stock 5570-S with original Display Adapter can't handle DOS/V based reference.

Basically 5570 was marketted inside Japan and some Asia countries.  Recently 5570 was up on eBay AU  ( reported by Lee  ).  I suppose the beast was 5570-T or V because it's main power switch was white. 
Until I saw the eBay auction, I felt strange about the existance of English version of the reference diskette.
Maybe some of 5570 were exported to Australia. Funny enough  that most of 85xx and 95xx sold in Japan were made of Australia.    .....2002.11.02

QCONFIG below shows 5570-T with a 486DX Upgrade module from Kingston. 

     Operating System   : IBM PC DOS Version  6.30
   Date & Time        : 1999-04-10  23:41:38
   Model ID           : F8
   Sub Model ID       : 06

   BIOS Revision      : 00
   BIOS Date          : 03/15/88

   Machine Type       : IBM PS/55 Model 5571-T - Compatible
   Processor          : Intel 80486
   Estimated Speed    : 39.2 Mhz
   CoProcessor        : Integrated
   Bus Type           : Micro Channel 32-Bit Bus
   Keyboard Type      : Enhanced
   Equipment          :1 Parallel Port(s)
                      :1 Serial Port(s)
                      :2 Diskette Drive(s)
                      :1 Fixed Disk(s)
                      : Math CoProcessor
   Serial Port 1      : COM1: 03F8
   Parallel Port 1    : LPT1: 0378
   SCSI Device(s)     : Total      1 Unit(s)
                      : Disk       1 Unit(s)
   Primary Video      : VGA
   Diskette Drive 1   : 3.50"  - 1.44M - 80 Track - Type 4
   Diskette Drive 2   : 3.50"  - 1.44M - 80 Track - Type 4
   Fixed Disk 1       :  153 MB  =  156672 KB  =  160432128 bytes
   Logical Drive C    : Size  153416K =  149.8M  Avail   73180K =   71.4M
   Total Memory       : 16000 KB = 15.6 MB
   Conventional       :  640 KB  Free:   538 KB
   Extended Memory    : 15360 KB  Free:     0 KB
   Expanded Memory    : 15264 KB  Free: 14608 KB  Page Frame  Address: D000
   XMS Memory         : 14410 KB  Free: 14410 KB
   EMS Version        : 4.0
   XMS Version        : 3.0
   VCPI Version       : 1.0
   Adapter ROM 1      : Addr C0000-C3FFF SCSI
   Planar             : ID FFFC - PS/55 Model 5571-T
   Total Slots        : 8  System (DISK): 2  User Slots: 6
   Expansion Slot 1   : * No Adapter Present
   Expansion Slot 2   : * No Adapter Present
   Expansion Slot 3   : * No Adapter Present
   Expansion Slot 4   : ID FCFF - IBM Memory Expansion Adapter
                        2-8M 80386

   Expansion Slot 5   : * No Adapter Present
   Expansion Slot 6   : ID EFFE - IBM Display Adapter II
   Expansion Slot 7   : * No Adapter Present
   Expansion Slot 8   : ID 8EFE - IBM SCSI Adapter

CPU Upgrade
 I once tested following upgrades with  5570-T and -V models. 
 1) Evergreen REV to 486 ( IBM486BLC3-75 ).      

Very easy to use, just plug the module onto original PGA socket then  install cache control program to get x3 ( or x2 ) operation properly.

 2) MCMaster by  Kingston.

It's little bit difficult to use comparing to REV to 486.
With this board you can use additional 64MB of RAM. ( I tested 8MB on the planar  and  16MB x2 on the adapter .)
If you don't care to keep next slot vacant,  you can  use a 5x86 CPU with an interposer. 
I once used a Cyrix5x86-120( 3x 33MHz, actually at 99MHz rated inner speed ).

I'm not sure about  Kingston's Lightning 486 upgrade with IBM486DLC2-66.  Probably you can use this CPU upgrade.  It was reported that 66MHZ OSC on this board could be changed to 100MHz OSC.  The reporter used his over clocked module on his 20MHz desktop box ( 5530-T ). 

  3) PowerBoard
    Now I have Mod. 80 PowerBoard in my box. 

For more detailed information about these upgrade parts, go for Louis's web site. or  Fred Spencer's page

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